The Owl Café and Meeting Place (A Division of Y’s Owl Maclure)

135 Bridge Street, Carleton Place ON K7C 2V6 613-492-9000

Suzanne Ford, Director of Autism Services Phone: 613-266-3205 (cell) 613-492-9000 (telephone) Email:

The Owl Café and Meeting Place program is a unique social enterprise located at 135 Bridge Street, Carleton Place. The Owl Café & Meeting Place is the first-of-its-kind customized employment and life skills training program for teens, youth and young adults on the Autism Spectrum. We believe having a job contributes to a young person’s sense of identity and wellbeing. Employment is an important opportunity for young people to build social skills and networks, gain self-confidence and develop the life skills needed to successfully transition into adulthood.

The cafe will offer employment training to young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, provide meeting space for local businesses and community members. Evenings and weekends, a variety of life skills classes, mentoring, workshops, and groups for young people with ASD (14-30 year of age) will be offered.

The Owl Café

The café will provide opportunities for young people with ASD to acquire employment skills and work experience that can transfer to other community-based employment. The local community will enjoy fresh brewed coffee from Equator Coffee, fresh-baked treats from Big Rigs Bakery, along with other snacks, soups and sandwiches from the Owl Cafe. The café operates Monday to Saturday.

Meeting Space

The Owl Cafe & Meeting Place offers professional and creative spaces that are ideal for private meetings, workshops, and presentations. We currently offer two meeting spaces, Meeting Room A is suitable for up to 8 people (can be booked day or evenings), and/or Meeting Space B – Café Area (can be booked for evenings or weekends) and can host group events. These meeting spaces include: Wi-Fi, projector or use HDMI to hook up your laptop to a TV (please request in advance), white board, markers, chart paper, post-its, coffee & baked goods, etc…

Autism Services Carleton Place is the first-of-its-kind fee for service program for teens, youth and adults with ASD. The Autism Services Carleton Place program will focus on building skills for life and first steps to employment. Classes are generally offered in the evening 6-8 pm and on Saturday 12 – 2 pm. All classes and workshops will be offered at The Owl Café & Meeting Place location.

We know Autism. We know Employment. We know individuals with ASD can be highly effective employees who offer unique skills, abilities and strengths that benefit employers and the community. For further information about our services please contact Suzanne Ford, Director of Autism Services, Autism Services Carleton Place by telephone 613-266-3205 or email at


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